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Design aficionados have long known that trimmings serve an important purpose in a room, embellishing fabric, offering counterpoint, or adding just the right finishing touch. In the late 1960s when the general public began to show interest in decoration, there was a growing sense that rooms looked unfinished without the subtle addition of trimmings made of something other than the predominant fabric. Brunschwig & Fils presented its first trimmings collection in 1967 to better serve its customers and to enhance the company’s fabric collections.

When Brunschwig added trimmings to its wares, it was to France, the most sophisticated source of passementerie, that it turned. Though some Brunschwig trimmings are manufactured in Italy, England or the United States, France is still its biggest supplier. Since the first Brunschwig trimmings were introduced, the collections have continued to grow tremendously.

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