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Trésors de Jouy highlights the beauty and artistry of Toiles de Jouy prints while featuring a broad assortment of the charming rustic weaves characteristic of Provençal French style. These graceful prints, born in the 18th century, most often depict romanticized scenes of country life. Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf’s manufactory at Jouy-en-Josas, a little hamlet near Versailles, produced the finest toiles and gave its name to the category. As it kindles enduring passions for Country French décor, Treésors de Jouy celebrates these historic works of art along with the legendary mill that made them famous.

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Product Identification -

  1. 1) Furniture: Marshall Looseback Chair BR-2475 in Grove Texture, color Mist 8013140-15, Rivoli Sofa BR-A9110 in Bois De Rose, color Aqua/Taupe 8013129-516, Directoire Fauteuil Chair BR-A3007 in Grove Texture, color Tan 8013140-16, Baltimore Armless Chairs BR-2138 in Hinsdale Woven Stripe, color Sand/Mist BR-89539-156; Pillows: Cascade Ottoman, color Glacier 8013137-15,Cascade Strie, color Tan 8013138-16 & Sourire De Soie Cable on Tape, color Cafe Au Lait BR-30411-803, Sea Vine, color Wheat 8013136-16 & Belluno Cord with Flyer, color White BR-39104-000; Carpet: Studio Key in Timber Dust; Pair of 19th Century English Drum Tables & Artwork by Marc Lambrechts titled Blue Night, 2010 & Blue Lagoon, 2006 Bali Courtesy of Jonathan Burden; French Art Deco Wood and Shagreen Table Courtesy of Michael Smith; Side Table from the "Record" Series by Axel Einar Hjorth Courtesy of Gallery BAC; Water Jar Table Lamps in Wood Mushroom Glaze, Paper Parchment Lampshade in Empire Cant. Courtesy of SCDS, Ltd.; Post-War American Geometric Bronze Forms titled Bust 1 & Bust 2 by Mike Walsh Courtesy of Newel New York;
  2. 2) Left Stack top to bottom: Sea Vine, color Wheat 8013136-16, Sea Vine, color Kiwi 8013136-313, Sea Vine, color Linen 8013136-11, Sea Vine, color Stone Blue 8013136-515; Middle Stack Fabrics top to bottom: Bukhara Ikat, color Blue/Gold 8013100-54, Bukhara Ikat, color Red/Gold 8013100-914, Bukhara Ikat, color Aqua/Lime 8013100-133, Bukhara Ikat, color Tan/Mocha 8013100-616; Right Stack top to bottom: Kivevine Emb, color Sand 8013112-16, Kivevine Emb, color Aqua 8013112-513, Kivevine Emb, color Soleil 8013112-4, Kivevine Emb, color French Blue 8013112-15;
  3. 3) Pillows: Kinevine Emb, color French Blue 8013112-15, Matin D’ete, color Gold/Indigo 8013132-45, La Seyne Fleuri, color Sunflower 8013113-4, Brunschwig Plaid, color Sun/Sky 8013111-45, Carsten Check, color French Blue BR-89149-15