Gastón y Daniela is one of the most important fabric houses in the Spanish high-end textile industry. Offered in the U.S. through Brunschwig & Fils, luxury collections by Gastón y Daniela include an array of opulent textures, colors and styles that combine to create cohesive, sophisticated interiors.

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Inspired by different periods and places in Spanish history, each motif in Gaston y Daniela’s Tierras collection is based on a blend of influences, though all of them have been designed to capture the geometric pattern and distinctive color scheme typical of Spanish tiles. The new collection features re-workings of historical elements taken from the decorative arts as well as inspiration from the 1960s pop art aesthetic.

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With its mélange of textures, designs and colors, the new 2015 Gastón y Daniela collection Madrid boasts a broad array of styles, enriching the extensive range of the brand. This eclectic collection focuses on a blend of features and maintains a cohesive color palette of opulent shades ranging from auburn and crimson to aquamarine and navy. Highlights from the collection include a majestic toile de jouy of European origins, oriental ikat-shaped geometrics, and botanical patterns with geometric and African motifs.

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Luxury Spanish fabric house Gaston y Daniela and renowned interior designer Lorenzo Castillo collaborate for a second collection of sophisticated, bold, and novel fabrics. Castillo’s signature motifs and penchant for antiques are evident through the reimagining of classic designs with fresh color palettes and remarkable textures.

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The new 2014 Collection of Gastón y Daniela is urban, bold and stylishly serene. It pays sparkling tribute to the use of colour in its vibrant palette and shapes. This collection invites us to create new urban spaces playing with colors and leaving all the decorative rules behind. Some of so many art movements that took place throughout the last century became a starting point for the collection of prints that are teamed with refined textures. Velvets are combined with subtle flannels and cottons in unique and sophisticated color ways. Ethnic roots are also present in this collection: inspired by textile documents of African origin from our archive, we created a collection that emulates the original source, while playing with a colour palette which is very unusual for this type of fabrics, being a perfect partner for the rest of the designs. Our new collection is complimented with an indoor/outdoor line in which the designs escape from the interiors to reveal themselves in all their splendour and build up a sophisticated, bright and daring option that moves away from the traditional use of outdoor fabrics.

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The Bilbao Collection celebrates the noble city of Bilbao in the north of Spain. The patterns of the Bilbao Collection reflect the heritage of the city, with a blend of traditional and contemporary, all implemented using the elegant and high quality fabrics that have always epitomized the Spanish brand.

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Lorenzo Castillo is an antiques dealer and one of the most well-known and influential interior designers in Spain and throughout the world. Castillo has partnered with leading international textile editor Gaston y Daniela for the launch of his first fabric collection, which illustrates his understanding of interior design and showcases his unique point of view. Velvets, floral prints and geometric designs with an innovative color palette all contribute to an exceptional collection that demonstrates Castillo´s individual style.

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