Cape Comorin Collection | Brunschwig & Fils


Transplanting its admirers to a secluded place full of exoticism and ancient culture, the Cape Comorin collection captures the rich legacy of hand printed fabrics developed by the native inhabitants of India centuries ago.

Product Identification -

  1. Drapery: Coringa Embroidery in Aubergine 8015169-610; Furniture: Bellechasse Chair BR-2544.Chair in Sarada Texture in Iris/Azure 8015176-754; Pillows: (Left to Right) Savonnerie Velvet in Jewel BR-89305-953, Trim: Brosse De Laine in Plum T8015508-109; Le Zebre Embroidery in Pumpkin 8015172-12, Trim: Brosse De Laine in Orange T8015508-12; Rug: Courtesy of JD Staron