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Established innovators in carpets, J.D. Staron offers unique floorcoverings for all types of design projects and takes special pride in its creative designs and qualities. J.D. Staron’s wide ranging styles and textures are both luxurious and sophisticated with a modern twist on the rich history and traditions of rug making.

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Product Identification -

  1. 1) From left to right: Bhutami BT36A - CB-101676, Ibiza MB638 - CB-101677, Ibiza HB635 - CB-100557, Tibetan G7034 - CB-101163, Bhutami BT02A - CB-101580;
  2. 2) Antique Agra SAF68D - CB-100960;
  3. 3) Ground: Knubbe KB13 - CB-101674, Top Rolled: Bali TI 01K- CB-101053, Bottom Rolled: Valencia RM JDS 4C- CB-100894